About Us

SUPERUYDU was established in 2012 as a Spin-off Company within the Kizil Group. The company, The basic founding idea is that Eutelsat is the regional distributor of the Tooway brand satellite internet service, in time has risen to 16th place in volume among some 168 companies in the EUTELSAT ecosystem around the world.

In 2014, the company changed its organizational strategy and it is the largest satellite VNO company in the Middle East region with three POP points (Canada, Germany, Turkey) on the world top, approximately 100 service points, with four satellite operators and with more than 16,000 Vsat terminals activated since its inception.

SUPERUYDU, which continues on its way with Tooway and Avanti brands for satellite Internet market, is still the market leader with the total number of Vsat in Turkey and the Middle East by the end of 2016 with B2C and B2B products of these two brands. SUPERUYDU, supports the service with 81 service points and approximately 100 service points spread over 6 different countries, also offers 7/24 support service.

12% of the personnel are graduated, 38% of them are undergraduate, 25% of them are associate graduates, SUPERUYDU, besides the R & D work carried out with the personnel in the world, produces solutions that put itself at a different point in the sector with the support of its parent company, Red Electronics R & D unit. Through these solutions, the company has developed SU-CONNECT, OnTheMove, MilCom and ManPack technologies for banking, broadcasting, government and military. With these technologies, it offers broadband, secure, wide coverage, 4K video and audio transmission to its subscriptions on both fixed and mobile platforms. SUPERUYDU will continue to expand its contribution to our country’s economy by offering new connectivity solutions for GSM operators as of 2017.